Swell of the Decade?

This past weekend TC Winston hit the east coast with the 'swell of the decade'. While northern NSW got battered by very large waves, with all the points around the Gold Coast firing,  the Sunshine Coast seemed to miss out on the bulk of it. Like everyone else, I got up super early and headed to…

Morning Paddle

Sun is shining, waves are breaking… summer on the Sunshine Coast is looking good. It’s been a pretty barren few months for waves but hopefully we are in for a good run of swell over the next few months. I love the backlit light on the waves when shooting in the morning on the east coast.


Wild Horse

Driving back from Byron last week I decided to stop and shoot some photos of the Glass House Mountains from the top of Wild Horse Mountain. Nothing out of the usual except it was midday on a steamy 33 degree summers day… never the best conditions for photography. Not to be deterred I parked at…