Swell of the Decade?

This past weekend TC Winston hit the east coast with the ‘swell of the decade’. While northern NSW got battered by very large waves, with all the points around the Gold Coast firing,  the Sunshine Coast seemed to miss out on the bulk of it. Like everyone else, I got up super early and headed to Noosa expecting to see waves in the 8ft range as predicted, but just like everyone else, I was a bit disappointed with the waves on offer. Sure there were waves but it wasn’t anywhere near what was predicted to be. One thing was certain though that a LOT of people were expecting the same, when I arrived at 4am the carpark was already at breaking point and people were driving around anxiously looking for somewhere to park. Someone told me they had got there at 2.30am and the carpark was already full!

A few more shots from the weekend…

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